6th - 8th September 2010, York, UK.

[update 10th Sept: The conference is now over. Please note the new menu item on the left: The AMLaP Student Poster Prize. The venue turned out to be excellent, and we would recommend it to anyone thinking of running a conference in York. The talks and poster presentations were equally excellent. Around 210 delegates attended the conference, with 111 coming to the conference dinner. These pages are being maintained for reference only, and will not be updated further]


Linda B. Smith
Indiana University

Judith F. Kroll
Pennsylvania State University

Morten H. Christiansen
Cornell University

AMLaP is an international conference which has established itself as the premier European venue for interdisciplinary research into how people process language.. The aim of the conference is to bring together psychological, computational, and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive mechanisms which underlie any aspect of human language processing. Submissions which integrate experimental psycholinguistic evidence with formal or computational models of psychological processes are especially encouraged.
Topics relevant to the conference include (but are not limited to):
bilingual language processing
computational models, symbolic and connectionist
corpus-based studies and statistical mechanisms
cross-linguistic studies
dialogue processing
language comprehension
language production
lexical processing
learning mechanisms
models of acquisition
neurobiology of language processing
parsing and interpretation

Further details are on the individual pages accessible from the menu on the left.

Poster dimensions: The poster boards are 1 metre wide by two metres tall, and posters must fit within these dimensions (Size A0 in portrait orientation is recommended).