York is a medieval city dating back to shortly before AMLaP was conceived. It boasts the first tourist attraction in the world to have been filled with the artificially simulated smell of an open sewer. Only one of the preceding sentences is false...

From the BBC website 8th March 2010: “A cobbled lane in York which dates from the Middle Ages has been voted Britain's most picturesque street.” The lane in question is The Shambles, pictured above, and it took the prize in the Google Street View Awards.

Here is a map showing the conference venue, and the location of the pre-conference reception on the Sunday evening. The main medieval centre is shown, but there are also medieval parts on the opposite side of the river. The orange road shown on the map roughly follows the medieval city wall. Click on the map to download the full-size version.


York is located midway between London and Edinburgh, and is the second most visited city in England (Edinburgh, in fact, is the second most visited city in the UK, but all trains from London to Edinburgh stop at York...).

Key dates in York's history include:

71 AD
The Roman come to York
866 AD
The Vikings come to York
1068 AD
William the Conqueror comes to York
1486 AD
Henry VII comes to York
1839 AD
The first train comes to York
2010 AD
AMLaP comes to York