I enjoy teaching - there’s something about the challenge of engaging the students and encouraging their curiosity that, in turn, encourages my own curiosity and enthusiasm for the subject matter.

At undergraduate level I teach on a 3rd year advanced course called The Language Machine. It presents issues in language processing through a combination of neuroscientific (i.e. brain imaging), reading, and 'visual world' studies (which monitor eye movements as participants view a visual scene and hear a sentence that describes something that applies to the objects/people in the scene). I co-teach this course with Silvia Gennari.

I also teach an introductory Statistics course to our 100 or so Masters students. I use the 3rd edition of Andy Field's Discovering Statistics through SPSS. Trying to encourage enthusiasm for the topic is not too dissimilar to trying to persuade someone with a nut allergy to snack on a bowl of peanuts.