I've divided my research into three: the early years, the middle years, and the more recent years. If you click on the middle years (’95-’05 on the right), you'll see there's also a more technical summary that was in fact written as a part of a grant proposal. There should also be a further entry, on Artificial Grammar Learning, but I haven’t had the time yet to write a summary of that. These three periods are reviewed in a recent book chapter that you can find on my papers page (Altmann, 2013). You can read an even quicker tour of my work on the about me page.

I have a downloads area where I keep copies of some of my papers. Needless to say, simply looking at that page is a violation of copyright, so make sure you keep your eyes firmly shut if you do click that link.

I've also included a link to my Curriculum Vitae, though why anyone would want to see my CV remains a mystery to me. I find other people's on-line CVs completely intimidating, and I've put mine here as a kind of therapy (the equivalent of someone with negative body image going to the beach...)

Finally, to find out about my past colleagues at York, you could have explored The Psycholinguistics Research Group @ York Web Pages, but someone (not me!) managed to ‘lose’ the original RapidWeaver file that generated those pages, and until they’re recreated, those pages will remain hugely out of date. My apologies! My current colleagues are here and here.