Why I have a Homepage.

The only reason I first created a homepage is that I wanted to see what was involved in creating one. That was in around 1997. And now that I've done that, the mystery has gone, and I shall now no longer be as impressed as I once was when I first saw someone else's (I still find it hard to believe that the first website appeared sometime around 1992 - it seems like the web's been with us forever).

The interface you've come through is the second version of this website. The first looked fantastic when I first created it (at least, it looked fantastic to me..!). But it aged, and looked somewhat dated after a few years. So now I use RapidWeaver - a Mac OS X application that takes the pain out of website creation. It's an exceedingly good piece of software. It's theme-based, and the entire look of the website can be changed at the click of a button.

Even more impressive than Web-tech itself are all those people out there who not only have a homepage, but who also regularly update it... I only occasionally update this page, mainly at Xmas when I occasionally fail to resist the temptation to add seasonal animations... but I do do occasional updates. I'm not sure why. Does anyone read this?

So, anyway, on these pages is some information about what I do, and why I do it. I've provided a few links to some other files which provide more detailed descriptions (I've cheated - these other files were produced for different reasons, but it was very easy to link them in).

And I did used to have a webcounter, but I took it off. What's the point?