Hmm. Where should I start?

There are some things that seem always on my mind. And others that are more transient. You can find out which are which by clicking the 'always' and 'now' links in the menu. I've turned the 'now' section into a blog. I add to it when I can, to give a snapshot of my life as a psycholinguist and occasional human being. I suspect I'm the only person who reads it, which is fine, as I write it for no one but myself - a future self who will come back and read about my life as it is now. When I moved to Connecticut, my time suddenly was no longer mine - I can honestly say I've never worked so hard in my life! But it's exceedingly satisfying. However, one by-product of having less time is that my blog is overgrown with weeds and I do need to venture back and re-establish it.

There's also a kind of 'essay' on my experience of my first two years of Karate training. It was written in 2005, It's still an accurate reflection of why I did it. I'm about to update it with a section on why I stopped training. It was a hugely difficult decision, but the right one. This said, my training comes with me each and every day, and I am eternally grateful to my two Senseis (teachers) for showing me 'the way'.

Finally, it does amaze me that I've managed to avoid saying anything anywhere about the good fortune I have to work with the people whom I work with. I guess they wouldn't want me to overdo it. So I haven't. But they are on my mind often.