The Ascent of Babel explores the ways in which the mind produces, and understands, language - it explores the ways in which the sounds of a language evoke meaning, and the ways in which the desire to convey such meaning causes us to produce such sounds. The Ascent symbolises the progression from sound to meaning. It also symbolises the quest to better understand the mental processes that underlie our use of language - the psycholinguistic quest. The Ascent of Babel describes these mental processes in a way that bridges the gap between academic and non-specialist writing. It makes psycholinguistics accessible to readers with no prior knowledge of psycholinguistics, psychology, or linguistics, whilst at the same time being of use to students who require an up-to-date introduction to the state-of-the-art. The Ascent of Babel has been translated into Spanish (published by Editorial Ariel) and Italian (Feltrinelli Editore), and is currently being translated into German (Klett-Cotta), Czech, and Korean.

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